Are You Loved?

Everybody wants to be loved, but if you are wondering if you are really loved then I have the solution.

Someone who loves you will never leave you, no matter what.

That person will always find you excuses even if you don’t deserve it if you are really loved.

People who love never leave. If they do then no matter what their words said, it was not love but interest, or comedy.

So don’t fall in the trap, in that world full of hypocrites and players or opportunists, don’t pay attention to their words and declaration, but only to their behaviour.

It is the only way to know.

I am sorry to disappoint some people who will read that article but it is the truth.

Someone who really loves you will never leave you, even if you are in the worse situation.

I saw women unable to leave the guys, who were or ill, or ugly, or married etc etc….it was unbelievable.

Real love is rare. If you are loved that way be happy my friend.

So forget all the declarations and words, and look at the facts: if the person is ready to put up with all the shit and stay with you, then it is real love.

If not then you just get rid of a liar and can rejoice.

Your man,

Dan Assuied

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