These are my personal favorite books and some of the most inspiring books ever written.

Total Recall – Arnold Schwarzenegger Autobiography of the famous actor or how to succeed when you are a poor Austrian immigrant in the US. Very motivating, Arnold is the best to encourage people. His strong will power and motivation are obvious when you read that book. A must read to motivate you to succeed.

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ De Marco Reading that book completely changed my life. I read more about business by reading that book than during my 2 years of business studies! For people who want to improve their lives.

Think and grow Rich – Napoleon Hill This book is great to teach you a very important thing : positive thinking. This book will change your life by changing your mindset.

The Art of the Deal – Donald Trump This book will fire you up ! Trump’s mindset is contagious and this book is a motivational masterpiece. Easy read, it flows very well, and by the end you will be ready to conquer the world!

Face the Music : a life exposed – Paul Stanley This book by Paul Stanley from KISS is awesome. He was born with only one ear ! In spite of that he became one of the most famous Rock and Roll singer of all times, inspiring !

The laws of the ring – Urijah Faber Faber is a pro MMA fighter who is also a businessman. In that book you will discover those 2 different worlds, MMA and business, and what it is to live the life of a pro MMA fighter.

The Universal Garden of Emuna – Rav Shalom Arush That book is a best seller in spirituality, for people who want to improve their life and gain inner peace.

Mishima a Biography – John Nathan Mishima was the best Japanese writer, and also a bodybuilder and a Samurai who had his own small army and dreamt to bring back Japan to its past. Interesting read for people who love literature and action.

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Pavel Tsatsuline That book changed my life. I was working out a lot, in a classic way and didn’t know what a kettlebell was. When I discovered that book kettlebells were completely new in the western world. Thanks to that book I improved my level of fitness lost weight and I bought a Kettlebell.

Krav Maga Professional Tactics As a Krav Maga practitioner for 10 years, I had to put on that list a book about it. The best way to learn is to learn with a real teacher, and to buy a book to get better in the same time.

The Art of War – Sun Tzu That classic book written hundred years ago by an excellent Chinese general will teach you about military tactics. He explains how to win by being more intelligent. Good also for every day Life.

Hagakure the book of the Samurais – Yamamoto Fascinating old Japanese book written by a Samurai to teach other Samurais how to train, think, live and think. Magnificent.

Bel Ami – Guy de Maupassant A classic of French litterature. It is the story of an ex soldier poor but attractive who succeeds in life by seducing important women.


Universal Liver tabs, to increase your energy and strength, enables you to lift heavier weights and workout longer.

American Ginseng, for energy and to recuperate more quickly after a long day. Excellent for your love life also if you are a man.

Tribulus, it is made from roots, used to increase your Testosterone and will make wonders for your love life also.


Storm Trooper Kettlebell

I use a Kettlebell for 10 years and it made me a stronger and more athletic man. That kettlebell here looks good too! Very cool!

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